Adoption Paperwork

Winona 2 - Black Licorice Twist - "Candy"

Winona 3 - Delta Flyers Nugget - "Delta"

Winona 4 - Im Chicks FancyDancer - "Fancy"

Winona 5 - Impressum Ritz - "Ritz"

Winona 6 - K BS Skipa Revenge - "Blondie"

Winona 7 - Kwismehoney - "Honey"

Winona 8 - Miss Playboy Gay - "Playgirl"

Winona 10 - Shesa Ripped - "Angel"

Winona 11 - Slash E Diamond Lil - "Lilly"

Winona 13 - Sparks Ace of Hearts - "Heart"

Winona 14 - Sparks Stormy Lady - "Stormy"

Winona 17 - Sonnys Cool Sinnamon - "Sinnamon"

Winona 18 - Peppilenas Last Flyer - "Peppilena"

Winona 20 - Princess Angelica - "Angelica"

Winona 22 - Colonels Lady Sierra - "Sierra"

Winona 23 - Snowmans Crystal - "Crystal"

Winona 25 - CJS Clack Shadow - "Lexxus"

Winona 26 - Taco Trinket - "Taco"

Winona 27 - Chicos Shadow Dancer - "Shadow"

Winona 28 - ChicosFrecklesJewel - "Freckles Jewel"

Winona 29 - Chicos First Kiss - "Kiss"

Winona 30 - Wayne's Cash Delight - "Delight"

Winona 31 - Pandes Peppy Doc - "Panda"

Winona 36 - SLP Lena San - "Lena"

Winona 37 - Sugyrator - "Sugar"

Winona 40 - Guns Smart Peppy - "Smarty"

Winona 42 - Texas Bartime Cowboy - "Cowboy"

Winona 43 - CJ Sugar Badger - "CJ"

Winona 44 - Sonnys Amigo Bars - "Amigo"

Winona 45 - Chicos QT Poco Star - "Poco"

Winona 46 - ChicosMuchoDinero - "Mucho"

Winona 47 - Chicos Playboy Olena - "Playboy"

Winona 48 - Chicos Whiskey River Doc - "Whiskey"

Winona 49 - Chicos Bartime Cowboy - "Chicos Cowboy"

Winona 51 - ChicosImJustChillin - "Cool"

Winona 52 - Skipperman - "Skipper"

Winona 53, 54, 55 - Donkeys

Winona 57 - Lenas Peppy San - "Peppy"




In early December 2018, The Pegasus Project was contacted by a former Paint Horse breeder in Winona, Texas seeking assistance with her horses. She had more than 60 horses from her breeding operation and, due to unfortunate circumstances, is no longer able to feed or provide proper care for them. They are not currently receiving veterinary, dental or farrier care. Without our assistance, the horses will starve. On December 2nd, we began providing hay for the herd and have gathered information regarding each horse to begin finding homes for them. Due to severe injuries and terminal illnesses, we made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize five horses, and we are now on a mission to find loving homes for the rest of the animals, including three donkeys.

All of the horses are REGISTERED. The vast majority being registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and a few are registered with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). All are from excellent bloodlines. The horses are beautiful but are beginning to deteriorate. The owner tells us that most have been handled since birth and are easy to manage. Pegasus cannot represent any of them as trained to ride. The owner says that some have been ridden but many are broodmares who have not been ridden in years, if at all. All stallions will be castrated prior to adoption.

Due to the inadvertent escape of three different stallions during the summer of 2018, all but two of the mares are potentially bred. Foals could start arriving as early as April 2019. We must get these mares into safe homes before that happens. Otherwise, this situation will go from bad to catastrophic.

Below, you'll find a chart assigning each horse a number (Winona 1 - 59) and listing basic information for each. Below the chart, you'll find a link to each horse we are offering for adoption. When you click a horse's link, you are taken to a photo, the horse's registration papers, and a brief description provided by the owner. If the horse does not have an individual link, that horse is not available for adoption.

Of the 59 equine listed on the chart below, the owner is making arrangements for 18 of them. Those horses are marked on the chart as CLAIMED. Pegasus is working desperately to place the other 41. Those marked ADOPTED are no longer available. If the horse you're interested in is listed as APP PENDING, feel free to submit your application as a backup. We need to have all 41 equine adopted and removed from the owner's ranch by February 28th. We can only provide care for this herd through that date. Any horse remaining after February 28th will be the responsibility of the owner, who has no resources to provide for them.

Pegasus will castrate and take possession of Winona 45, 46, 47, 48, and 51. These are all 12 year old stallions who, once they are geldings, will be placed in our training program. There are two bonded pairs (Winona 17 & 52 and Winona 22 & 43) and a trio of bonded donkeys (Winona 53-55). Two of the mares (Winona 27 & 28) are blind and need a safe home together. A gorgeous 12-year-old stallion (Winona 49) is also partially blind.
There is an older mare (Winona 23) in need of immediate placement because she is losing weight.

None of the horses are current on vaccines, dental, de-wormer or hoof trims. The adopter will be responsible for obtaining the care needed by the animal. We can provide the registration papers for each horse adopted, and you can transfer ownership into your name at your cost. If you adopt a pregnant mare, the CURRENT OWNER represents that the foal may be registered with APHA. It is her responsibility to file a thorough Stallion Breeding Report for each potential sire. The Pegasus Project cannot do this on her behalf. She has informed us that she will do what is necessary to allow you to register your foal. If you have questions about this process, Pegasus will refer you to the current owner for assurances. Once The Pegasus Project takes possession of the three stallions identified by the current owner as the potential sires, we will submit samples for DNA analysis as required by APHA. That information will then be on file with APHA. It will be the responsibility of the adopter to register the foal and pay any fees associated with any further testing and registration.

The forms for adoption (Application, Contract & Requirements) are posted below. Please print, fill out and email your application to In lieu of an adoption fee, we are asking each potential adopter to indicate an amount he/she will donate to The Pegasus Project at the time of adoption. All funds generated through these donations will go directly to covering Pegasus' costs in caring for this herd. We will review all applications and award the horse to the applicant who appears to be the best fit. All applicants will be screened to ensure that the horses are going to a proper and loving home with references checked. It is our MISSION to make sure each and every horse is safe. Horse traders and kill buyers need not apply.

If you cannot adopt, but wish to donate to The Pegasus Project to help cover our vast expenses, we welcome any assistance you can offer. You can donate online by clicking here: DONATE. Or
you can mail a check to The Pegasus Project, PO Box 26, Ben Wheeler, TX 75754. Be sure and designate that your gift is for the Winona Herd. This rescue mission has put a strain on Pegasus' budget and we need the help of our loyal supporters to rescue this beautiful, innocent, deserving group of horses. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

       The adoption paperwork is at the bottom of this page.

For questions, please call Allyson DeCanio at 903-539-9851