Winona 53, 54 & 55 – Donkeys

These donkeys need home together if possible.  Paint (55) is a gelding.  He was halter trained as baby but has not been worked with in several years. Jennies are mother (53) and daughter (54) and don't do well separated and also have stayed with gelding.  They will come for feed and with patience can get close to jennies. 55 is friendly and will let you pet him.   

#53 & 54 – Mother and daughter Jennies

The darker jenny is the daughter and the lighter color is the mother. Daughter at least 10 years old.

Both jennies need feet done. Need to learn to stand for farrier.

#55 – Jack Gelding

This jack was gelded before he was a year old. Was halter trained as a baby. He does come and will allow you to pet him. Is approximately 10 years old.