Winona 52 – Skipperman – “Skipper”


1. Skipperman

2. Born 1999- 20 yrs old

3. Gelding

4. Black/white tob/overo , white body, black blaze black on chest

5. Skipper was broke to ride as 2 yr old. Halter trained, stands for farrier.  Not ridden in years. He likes women more than men. Does not readily come but once haltered can be controlled.  He is very bonded with a mare named Sinnamon (Winona 17).  He does not do well if kept in a stable or stalled. Does better in pasture with shelter or loafing shed.

6  Health issues - he came back from trainer with his wind broke.  He wheezes but has had this condition for about 17 years.  Was treated for condition but will not completely go away. Can still be ridden but light riding if worked with. Does not like sudden movement.  Likes calm person and does not do well with a forceful personality. Stands better if with Sinnamon.