Winona 48 – Chicos Whiskey River Doc – “Whiskey”


1. Chicos Whiskey River Doc

2. Born 2007 - 12 years old

3. Stallion

4. APHA black/tobiano. white blaze, white markings and stockings

5. Whiskey is halter trained, leads, loads, stands for farrier.  In 12 years he has never offered to kick or bite. Is dominant with other stallions but not with humans.  Responds to patience and doesn't do well if force is used. Has been by my house and I fed him daily with no problems.

6. Mares came up to house around my pond teasing him and he got out for 3 days.  Is in barn with run but lost weight.  Does better in pasture.

Weight has always been 1200 plus.  Not sure what is causing weight loss unless stress and not having large area to move in.