Winona 29 – Chicos First Kiss – “Kiss”


1. Chicos First Kiss

2. Born 2007 - 12 years old

3. Mare

4. Buckskin Tobiano, homozygous for tobiano and black gene. Super gentle, not aggressive and is low in pecking order in herd. Often pushed away from hay and feed unless fed separately. Has one blue eye, one brown. She loves attention and grooming. Sired by APHA World Champion. APHA registered.

5. Kiss is halter trained, leads, loads in trailer, stands for farrier and vet.  She was saddled and lunged as 2 year old but not ridden over about 3 x.

6. Health issue- allergic reaction to blue stem grass. Blind in blue eye.  Still has good vision in brown eye and can stay in pasture. Exposed to stallion in summer of 2018 but not known if bred.