As an equine rescue, The Pegasus Project's primary mission has been to save horses, donkeys and mules by removing them from situations of neglect, abuse or abandonment. From its inception, Pegasus has also tried to help horses by helping horse OWNERS in need. We often encounter responsible, loving owners who just need a helping hand. Perhaps their horse was badly injured and they can't afford the surgery. Or perhaps the owner has lost her job and needs temporary assistance with feed and hay costs. Situations such as these potentially qualify for the Pegasus Safety Net Program.

Here are a few examples of the assistance Pegasus has provided since 2010:

1. Vaccines for a mama donkey and her young foal.
2. Treatment of an eye injury for a senior gelding.
3. Castration and vaccines/Coggins for two stud donkeys.
4. Vaccines/Coggins/castration of an Arabian stallion.
5. Leg surgery for a young, injured gelding.
6. Vaccines/Coggins for a teenager's gelding.
7. Euthanasia and burial for a teenager's terminal gelding.
8. Donation of hay and feed for a small herd of horses lacking sufficient forage.
Before providing assistance, we screen applicants to ensure that they qualify. In order to provide safety net funds, we have to feel that the owners will be able provide their animals with the ongoing care needed to properly sustain them in the future. It is always our wish that deserving owners be allowed to keep their animals. However, if the person's situation, financial or otherwise, does not improve within a reasonable period of time, we are committed to taking whatever measures are necessary to remove the horse from the home to ensure his longterm welfare. To date, our safety net program has been 100% successful, and all horses have remained with their owners.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of safety net assistance, you may contact Allyson DeCanio for more information on this program.

Allyson's email: allyson@mypegasusproject.org