Our Preferred Pegasus Partners and Additional Resources

Double D Trailers: Changing the horse trailer industry one customer at a time through education of safe materials, technologies and innovation.

Double D Trailers focused their customers' attention on Pegasus with this great article!

We treat every eye injury as an emergency.   Guardian Mask is our go-to product to protect our horses eyes!

We love these natural, herb-based, topical horse care products from Zephyr's Garden. Aromatherapy, salves, shampoos, and itch sprays, all of which are used daily at The Pegasus Project.

Nutritional supplements are huge part of our horses' diets.  We put our trust in Uckele.

We're feeding 25% LESS hay with these fantastic hay nets from  

A great resource for information about founder issues.

How to safely feed a horse that is malnourished.

Our SPCA friends doing great work rescuing animals large and small!

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Every horse at Pegasus stands behind an Electrobraid fence. "America's safest horse fence".  We've put our trust in Electrobraid for more than 10 years.

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One Horse at a Time offers financial support for emergency hay, feed and vet care. They also provide funds to pay for gelding.