When it comes to adoption, our number one goal is to properly match the horse to the adopter. We go to great lengths to make sure that the adopter is choosing a horse that is suitable for his/her skill level and riding discipline. We never want a person to adopt the "wrong" horse because a mismatch can lead to disillusionment, unhappiness, fear, or even injury. If a person loses interest, that creates an uncertain future for the horse. We are committed to each and every horse that comes through our gates, and we have invested much time, energy, love and money into their health and well-being. We have spent countless hours rehabilitating and training them to get them ready for FOREVER homes. An adoption from The Pegasus Project is a lifelong commitment.  

Once you adopt a Pegasus horse, you can never sell, trade or give it away.  If for any reason you cannot keep the horse to the end of its natural life, you must alert us. We reserve the right to either take the horse back or find another suitable home. We never want to see these horses "back in the system," and we are committed to their well-being for life.  Also, under the terms of the Adoption Contract, no breeding is allowed.
Basically, here's how our adoption process works.  If you are interested in adopting, please submit an application.  After we receive your application, we will contact you to discuss, and we will assess whether we have a horse that may fit your needs and abilities. At that point, we will make an appointment for you to come to our ranch to meet the horse or horses you are considering adopting. Prior to, or on upon arrival at the ranch, you will be required to pay a $50 application fee.   If you are looking to adopt a horse for riding, we will evaluate your skill level.  If you appear to be a proper match, you will be allowed to ride the horse under our supervision.  Often, we can tell immediately if the adopter is well-suited to the horse. Other times, we may require you to make more than one visit. If the match appears to be a good one, and you wish to proceed with the adoption, we will check your references and a Pegasus representative will make a visit to your home or the boarding facility where you intend to house the horse. We will work with you to ensure that your place is horse-safe and proper for horse keeping. Once the horse's housing is approved and the references check out, we can proceed with the adoption.

We also offer the opportunity to "sponsor" the horse you wish to adopt. You can sponsor the horse for a month (or longer) and come ride with us and receive lessons over the course of the sponsorship to ensure the match is good.  During the sponsorship, the horse is listed as "adoption pending" and is reserved for you.  If all goes well, you can adopt the horse at the end of the sponsorship.  If the match does not prove to be a good one, the adoption will be cancelled. Sponsorship is $400/month/horse. Pegasus continues to provide all care & training to the horse during sponsorship.

Our companion-only horses and donkeys have adoption fees starting at $500.  Horses that are rideable have adoptions fees starting at $2500 and increasing from there based upon the horse's history and training level. 

Attached are the Adoption Application, the Adoption Contract, and the Adoption Requirements and Regulations.

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Adoption Process