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Mike and Allyson DeCanio are the founders and operators of The Pegasus Project, Inc.  Mike, a Captain for Southwest Airlines, and Allyson, an attorney in private practice, met in 2007 and were married in 2010.  One of their strongest bonds is their love for animals.  They currently share their home with lots of dogs, five horses, a mule and a miniature donkey.  Allyson had long dreamed of starting a horse rescue organization, but it was Mike's encouragement, and the arrival of two very special horses, that got Pegasus off the ground. 

In April 2009, Allyson was contacted by the Humane Society of East Texas regarding 12 neglected and starving horses.  Working with the Smith County District Attorney's Office, all 12 were seized.  The mares and geldings were adopted by a children's camp.  However, no organization was prepared to accommodate the special needs of two severely malnourished stallions.  Consequently, Allyson and Mike took them in, and the seeds of The Pegasus Project were planted!

Milagro and Romeo, who are profiled on our Facebook page, are those two stallions.  Under Pegasus' care, each gained more than 300 pounds and began thriving.  Caring for these two magnificent creatures and recognizing a need for this type of facility, motivated the DeCanios to increase the capacity of the Pegasus Project.   Now that the word is out, Pegasus regularly receives cruelty complaints from concerned citizens, other animal welfare organizations and law enforcement.   

Mike and Allyson purchased 95 acres near Ben Wheeler, Texas, and have dedicated it to the The Pegasus Project, greatly expanding their horse rescue capabilities.  The goal is to bring as many neglected horses as possible back to health and place them in loving, permanent homes.  Unfortunately, horse neglect in East Texas is an all too common problem, and local government is not equipped to adequately investigate cruelty complaints.  Pegasus' relationship with the SPCA of East Texas, along with Allyson's legal expertise, makes it uniquely situated to move quickly and serve as an immediate advocate for horses in need.  

These animals need more than sanctuary.  They need people dedicated to improving their quality of life and capable of providing the level of care necessary to revitalize their bodies and spirits.  All Pegasus horses are evaluated by professional trainers who create a program tailored to meet each horse's needs.  The Pegasus Project is unique as a horse rescue organization because of the level of specialized attention given to each horse.  Every horse is treated individually and is handled daily by accomplished horsemen using natural  and traditional horsemanship techniques to create a respectful, well-trained partner for its future family.

You are invited to become partners in this venture of love.

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